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  • Simply Best Teeth Whitening

    Simply Best Teeth Whitening

    Worked with a super talented group of people on the Simply Best Teeth Whitening project. It is always nice when a customer has a budget to hire real actors and crew. Project included video to be used on website, TV and social media. Shot stills of all the application shots along with standard product shots […]

  • Jose the Painter Business Card

    Jose the Painter Business Card

    Sometimes it is great helping out the little guy. Jose and his family run painting business have done work for me and friends for more than a decade. He is reliable and honest and a true pleasure to hire for all my painting needs. He was out of business cards, and the ones he had […]

  • National Parks 2016

    National Parks 2016

    Nat-Geo inspired an impromptu road trip to Yosemite and Sequoia national parks. With only a weekend to do both locations we hurried around and logged 1000 miles in the process. Yosemite was packed with people and Sequoia was a tranquil place with towering trees and no one around to hear if they make a sound. My buddy Stan, […]

  • VLR Chassis Shoot

    VLR Chassis Shoot

    RLV Tuned Exhaust Products has been a long time customer and friend so I was happy they considered me worthy to shoot their new line of LO206 karts and chassis. Images were for the new printed brochure and website and would be distributed to dealers for promotional opportunities. We shot six different setups at three […]

  • PR Track Day With Extreme Motorsports

    PR Track Day With Extreme Motorsports

    Hooked up with some old customers and new friends to shoot a few PR shots for the company brochure and driver hero cards. Perfect day out at CalSpeed Karting Center to turn some laps and shoot some stills. [pp_gallery gallery_id=”1009″]

  • Salba Birthday Bash

    Salba Birthday Bash

    Skate and Destroy. Pro skaters only turn 53 once so why not have a massive party. With three bands, 200 people and drinks flowing you can’t beat that for a birthday bash. The Flamethrowers closed out the night with a little “Dancing on James Dean’s Grave”. Fun night of punk rock and shooting something a […]

  • Face of Altura Ad Campaign

    Face of Altura Ad Campaign

    Erik, Heidi and Matt put together 12 TV commercials featuring actual Altura Credit Union customers doing what they do. I shot support images to complement the campaign for print media. Look for images in local branches and on billboards around the Inland Empire all year long. [pp_gallery gallery_id=”962″]

  • New Mexico 2015

    New Mexico 2015

    Work once again lured me to Albuquerque and “The Land of Enchantment”. Met up with Diversified Tooling and Bogue Machine for their upcoming feature articles in CNC West Magazine before getting in a long weekend in one of my favorite cities. On tap was balloons and microbrews with a fantastic hike at Tent Rocks thrown in […]

  • Dave Kerzner – Stranded Video

    Dave Kerzner – Stranded Video

    Worked with a ton of talented people on this project. Glad to do my small part. Spent a few sandy days in the desert with camera gear and a drone. Awesome to see “Stranded” was nominated for “Anthem of the Year” in the 2015 Progressive Music Awards. Dave Kerzner – Stranded Pt1-5 (from the album […]

  • 2015 Mechanix Wear Sport Kart Grand Nationals

    2015 Mechanix Wear Sport Kart Grand Nationals

    Spent the weekend as official photographer and social media director at the CalSpeed Kart Track for the 2015 Mechanic Wear Sport Kart Grands. Awesome to be below turn four of Auto Club Speedway during the IndyCar event. Check out the digital publication from the event HERE [pp_gallery gallery_id=”438″]

  • Hidden Treasures Product Shoot

    Hidden Treasures Product Shoot

    Picked up a new customer who is a startup adult themed party company. It’s not every day you get paid to shoot a couple dozen dongs, vibrators and cock rings. I’m looking forward to a long relationship and expanded product lines. Check out their site HERE. [pp_gallery gallery_id=”474″]

  • Film Is Great Red Carpet

    Film Is Great Red Carpet

    Shooting at the London Hotel in West Hollywood with Erik Neilsen for the British Consulate at their red carpet Oscars party. With a record number of Brits nominated for Oscars we headed up the real time social media photography crew. Our images went out on @UKinCalifornia and the Consul General’s feed @CGChrisOConnor. Images were shared on […]

  • Machine Shop Shoot

    Machine Shop Shoot

    MJC rehabs CNC machining centers for customers. Once they are finished the machine is then cataloged with photos for future use in brochures, sale sheets and on their website. Always a good time when you get to shoot the exterior of places with a drone. [pp_gallery gallery_id=”598″]

  • AOL Business Cards

    AOL Business Cards

    Really? 2015 and we have an AOL email addressed not being used ironically? Easy little business card job for “comic book guy”

  • Bathroom Remodel Images Doctor Handyman

    Bathroom Remodel Images Doctor Handyman

    Interior shooting today for Doctor Handyman. After a 4 week renovation on the master bath it was finally ready for its close up. Features include a fire place, frameless glass shower enclosure, wine/towel rack, 42 inch TV, linear drain, appliance cabinet, and glass subway tiles. [pp_gallery gallery_id=”538″]

  • Balloon Fiesta

    Balloon Fiesta

    Got the opportunity to hit one of my favorite cities for the world famous Alququerque Balloon Fiesta. A ton of green chiles later we were flying high in spirit and on the wind. Weather grounded the balloons for most of the flight sessions but it didn’t stop the 1000 balloonists nor the hundreds of thousands of […]