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  • Solorio Brewing Co LLC Website Design

    Solorio Brewing Co LLC Website Design

    Nothing makes you feel better than working for other small businesses and people you call friends. Getting the chance to do a redesign on Solorio Brewing’s website was one of those times that work isn’t really work. Plus, most customers frown on you drinking on the job, but Jennifer and Raul kept the beer cold…

  • Iceland


    We chose to visit Iceland in the dead of winter instead of in the popular summer months. Ice, glaciers, waterfalls, waterfalls of ice, and some of the coolest people you will ever meet. Pro tip head to Reykjavik for New Years Eve. The fireworks and atmosphere are incredible.

  • Satsuma Sushi Renovation

    Satsuma Sushi Renovation

    As a customer for 17+ years I was honored to help Koji-san shoot photos of his new restaurant location. Old Satsuma deleted us for many years and reminded us of the time Dina spent living in Japan. After almost 30 years he moved to a new location custom designed for Satsuma. Besides serving the best…

  • Center for Modern Dentistry

    Center for Modern Dentistry

    Always nice to be greeted with a smile on the job and there is no better place than the dentist to get that welcomed grin. Dr. Amin at the Center for Modern Dentistry is in the process of updating his websites for his two local dental practices and needed some images. The refreshed sites are…

  • Dettman Wedding Wilson Creek Winery

    Dettman Wedding Wilson Creek Winery

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  • Face of Altura – Daniel and Son

    Face of Altura – Daniel and Son

    The Altura commercial team was back at it again for another round of shooting. We continued the Face of Altura campaign with a different slogan. This time we met with Daniel and his family at the world famous Mt. Baldy Trout Ponds for a bit of fishing. Daniel and his son fish to get away…

  • Little Troy Trackside Portrait

    Little Troy Trackside Portrait

    Over the last 20+ years I have worked a lot with the Adams family. Now that Troy and Kara have a son that is racing karts and off road the cycle has officially begun again. Little Troy needed a few shots for a sponsorship deck and autograph cards so off to Adams Motorsports Park I…

  • Face of Altura – Singing Sisters

    Face of Altura – Singing Sisters

    The Altura commercial team was back at it again for another round of shooting. We continued the Face of Altura campaign with a different slogan and this time a custom theme song. The Gilmore sisters sing together, cook together and even bank together. They even custom wrote a song for Altura that featured in the…

  • Lefty Track Day at AAA Speedway

    Lefty Track Day at AAA Speedway

    Headed out to Auto Club Speedway for their annual Lefty’s Track Day charity event. A record number of cars came out this year to support the event. Two of North County’s Corvette clubs drove up for exclusive track time as did one of the local DeLorean clubs. Lefty’s Track Day lets you experience the thrill…

  • Ireland & Scotland

    Ireland & Scotland

    Dina and I took advantage of award travel by heading to the UK for two weeks. Ireland and the Scottish Highlands were on the docket. Along with sheep, distilleries and castles we had no shortage of sights to see and amazing people to meet. Friends mocked me for taking the drone on vacation, but it…

  • Taylor Wedding

    Taylor Wedding

    So glad to be a part of Cherie and Robert’s big day May 25th, 2017 at Serendipity Garden Weddings. Together with the award winning Stan Lim we documented love, captured stolen moments, and shared in the passion that only weddings inspire. Congratulations to the happy couple, and cheers to a lifetime of memories together. [pp_gallery…

  • WTF Lemon

    WTF Lemon

    After 5 years of nothing the lemon tree randomly produced 1.5 of the strangest lemons I’ve ever seen. Rest of the fruit and veg look a little better. There is an ongoing debate on what that lemon actually is. Some say it is a Citron, others claim a Ponderosa Lemon, and few even think it…

  • Destiny Innovations Trackside

    Destiny Innovations Trackside

    Spent a great Friday out at CalSpeed shooting Duane Lawson’s karting team sponsored by Destiny Innovations and Supply Inc. and Piston Bones Team Graphics. It was a Tr-C Karters practice day that allowed me to catch up with many old friends I hadn’t seen in years. Snapped a few pic, shook a few hands and…

  • Niki & Jim Engagement Photos

    Niki & Jim Engagement Photos

    Spent a beautiful Sunday with Niki, Jim, and their three kids on an engagement and family portrait shoot. Adding the kids into the mix made for a great time and some out of the ordinary engagement images. The only this missing was their dog, but he didn’t make it in time for hair and makeup.…

  • Niki & Jim Family Portraits

    Niki & Jim Family Portraits

    It is a rare occasion when you are able to combine two shoots into one. We were lucky that everyone’s schedules aligned and that the wind died down for a perfect Sunday morning photo opportunity. Niki and Jim were celebrating their new engagement and brought along their three kids for family portraits. Justin, Jamey, and…

  • Challenge of the Americas Videos

    Challenge of the Americas Videos

    Shot the Challenge of the Americas series for the 10th year in a row. Brought out the new DJI Mavic Pro drone for a little fun. Made a few quick edits from each event. Enjoy.