National Parks 2016

Nat-Geo inspired an impromptu road trip to Yosemite and Sequoia national parks. With only a weekend to do both locations we hurried around and logged 1000 miles in the process. Yosemite was packed with people and Sequoia was a tranquil place with towering trees and no one around to hear if they make a sound. My buddy Stan, a shooter for the paper found his love of photography here as a child. With a hand operated Polaroid he cranked out images that would later lead him to a career as a photographer. Ansel Adams’ iconic images adorn walls around the world and I am reminded daily thanks to my latest Apple operating system that our national parks system still inspires. We said goodbye to the sun atop Sentinel Dome and greeted the super moon in the process. We traipsed passed secluded meadows and through forrest as old as time itself. Not bad for a weekend.

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